1975  Born in Durban, South Africa.

1987  Matric, Awarded Artist of the Year Prize.

1994  Fine Arts National Diploma, Natal Technicon - Top  Achievement Award: Painting.

2001  Wembley Rd Studio, group exhibition, Cape Town.

2006  Start first G-SPOT paintings.

2008  Debut solo exhibition VEO Gallery, Cape Town.2009 – 2016 Professional commissions for feature films and television commercials - see facebook page: Kwasscenics.

2016  Solo exhibition Art.Space, Cape Town.

2018  Saatchi Art -

2018  See.Me finalist for Time Square Exhibition <>



Port Natal High Collection, Durban.

Louise Knepscheld, collector Cape Town.

Glynis Coetzee, collector, Art Gallery Owner, Cape Town.

Adele van Vuuren, collector Singapore  (Vuuren Solo Artist )

Hanlo Fourie, collector Cape Town.

Naobie Noisette, collector Cape Town.

What the Galleries say:


Lee-Ann is a small, dynamic, energetic, extremely creative, strong woman.

She is warm and accommodating by nature, always ready with a gentle word, a thoughtful touch.


She is obsessed with painting - her day starts at 4 am and she works until late, every day, seven days a week. She's immersed in her love for the canvas, the paint. She has created an enormous legacy of work.

Her G-spot series may shock certain viewers. Some of the work seems violent at first, only so, because it goes beyond what has been socially acceptable before. Upon closer inspection one notices that her strokes are strong, but never angry. Shapes are quick and rounded,  not sharp. The paint is thick and luscious, sensuous and expressive.

She depicts female genitals as never seen before. It is there, honest, powerful and strong. Her paintings tell her love-story. 


It's about Passion.

- Naobie Noisette [BA.BK Pretoria, Owner Art.Space Gallery, Cape Town]

VEO Gallery, Cape Town

Heath’s desire is to recreate, analyze and deconstruct sensation. The thick impasto paint allows her to place and replace colour, line and shape with every stroke, exposing her ever changing interpretation of desire and emotional intoxication. The work reflects an obsessive urge to find the right combination of colour, line and shape.


The canvas has the noticeable touch of her hand, where the thickly layered paint has been moved around in a sensuous manner by her palms or fingers. This technique gives the images a three dimensional, nearly culinary quality, the paint with an appearance like icing on a cake… almost good enough to eat. This invitation to an intense sensory interaction is carried through all the pieces, making the artwork massively tactile and dynamic. Everything is bold and strong, from the imagery, the colour, the shapes, through to the actual physicality of the paint, with nothing withdrawn, obscured or hidden.


On a cerebral level, her work is a celebration of female power.

While some may find the raw exposure shocking and possibly even violent, the message is that of a woman celebrating her right to enjoy her woman-ness without apology or reticence.


- Glynis Coetzee [B.AS (UCT) Member CIOB (UK) Owner VEO Gallery]

2016 Lee-Ann Heath by ART.SPACE